Baroque Dance for Musicians

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  • Play a Baroque dance (Minuet, Sarabande, Gavotte … ) to accompany a Baroque dancer in costume, cultivating interpretation and technique.
  • Learn a group dance from the palace courts to develop rhythm and artistry.
  • Historical context comes to life through a memorable cultural experience.
  • Embody your approach to music.
  • Each session focuses on a different dance and country, culminating in performance of a full Baroque suite.


“A VERY BIG THANK YOU NATASHA for your enthusiasm, knowledge and charm that you showed
yesterday. From the look on my students’ faces and the faces of the parents they DEFINITELY enjoyed themselves.” 

Susan Hamblin-Dennis, Royal Conservatory of Music Examiner, Adjudicator and Teacher

“Natasha, thanks for a great class today! I think the students got a lot out of it and really enjoyed learning.”

Lynda Metelsky, Piano Instructor at the Faculty of Music University of Toronto, Royal Conservatory of Music Examiner, Adjudicator and Teacher